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Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Nadine Wilson is a 16 year old girl from stoke on Trent. She was diagnosed with A.L.L at the age of 14 and has since gone through 2 years of treatment at Stoke on Trent University Hospital, Birmingham Royal Hospital and more recently, The Christie's Hospital in Manchester. Whilst in treatment, Nadine took up crochet knitting as a hobby. She began to create little animal/character teddies to sell on and raise money for different charities, always thinking of others.

Nadine and her family have been told that her cancer is now terminal and she has moved into a hospice. This news has been a blow to Deanie and her family as she had recently fell into a coma due to chemotherapy and her nearest and dearest all feared and prepared for, the worst. She fought back with all her might and managed to come round from the Coma.

However, Nadine has remained positive and ambitious. She has selflessly decided that she was like to set up a charity, The Nadine Wilson Fund - which will provide caravan holidays to families which have children who are ill. These well needed family breaks will be provided under 'Deanie's Retreat'.

We've set up this page to raise money to allow Nadine to create this charity and continue to help others, even after she has passed.

We are asking anybody and everybody to give as much as they can - a little can go a long way!

Let's make Deanie's Retreat a reality.

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